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In the far North West of Tasmania, there is an ancient landscape known as takayna, or The Tarkine.

With the launch of our new 10 day tour of Tasmania, our Under Down Under team is excited to be able to offer a new experience within takayna. We’re excited because we each have our own stories of adventures in takayna, and now with the 10-day tour we have the opportunity to create new stories with people from around the world and improve the global awareness of takayna.

Takayna is a rare and ancient wilderness like no where else on earth. It is Australia’s largest intact tract of cool temperate rainforest, and it is the second largest rainforest of its kind in the world. It is home to many endangered and vulnerable species such as Wedge Tailed Eagles, Masked Owls, and Tasmanian Devils. Takayna holds immense and undescribable environmental value for Tasmania, and our planet. For palawa and other Tasmanians, it also holds deep spiritual and cultural value as well.

Our 10 day tour of Tasmania ventures into the Tarkine at a number of locations. At Arthur River, you can feel and see the power of the ocean at “the Edge of the World” on the Tarkine Coast. Even on a calm day, the coastline feels untamed and undeceivingly ferocious. Look west to the horizon; air travels uninterrupted around the globe at this latitude known as the Roaring 40’s. Inhale a deep breath, and appreciate that at this moment you are breathing in the freshest air in the world. Starting in Smithton, the “Tarkine Drive” is an accessible entry point into the diverse takayna landscapes. We’ll walk through the myrtle forests to see the wonders of Trowutta Arch and Lake Chisolm. These and other places we see on this discovery day of the Tarkine are sure to stay with you forever.

The protection of this wild place is worth fighting for. Yes, there are concerning conservation issues that threaten takayna. Hopefully, one day soon, takayna will be enshrined as part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and preserved for future generations.  

It is a gift to be able to share this place with our guests. The expansive button grass plains, rolling mountains, tannin-stained rivers, wild coastline, and giant forests are bathed in aboriginal connections and stories. Words just don’t do it justice. Please go see it for yourself, we know you’ll be in awe of the Tarkine. If you feel that same connection that we do, you can add your voice to helping protect it.

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