Accessibility Statement - Under Down Under Tours

Accessibility Statement

Travel is a gift to be enjoyed by everyone. We endeavour to make our small group tours as accessible as possible. We invite persons with disabilities to enquire about our tours to discuss any requirements and expectations.  Contact us today on  [email protected] or phone 03 6232 4800.

Are our tours accessible to people with a disability?

Let’s start with a conversation. We know our tours and itineraries best, so it’s important to talk to us in detail about your needs and expectations. We understand that every person is unique, and we’ll take the time to explain our tours to you to see whether we can align your requirements and desires, with what is safe and practical to achieve. This is an important step prior to your booking onto a tour. 

Our current itineraries expect each person to be able to carry their own bags, use our existing tour vehicles and stay in our selected hostel or motel upgrade facilities. Meals are designed to be self-catered, with plenty of stops to purchase food, take away or dine-in options. We expect persons to be able to look after themselves independently without supervision or assistance. Our tours provide numerous opportunities for hikes or walks (see FAQs: What are the hikes like), but these are optional.  In some instances, we might be able to offer alternatives, but these should be discussed and clearly understood prior to booking.

Have a question?

Need to ask a question or want to leave some feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Email us using the below form or give us a call on 03 6232 4800.