Tasmania's water is so good you can drink it from a tap. - Under Down Under Tours

Have you packed a refillable water bottle for your tour? Make sure you do.

Plastic waste is a universal problem. But there’s no need to purchase expensive water in a plastic bottle when travelling throughout Tasmania. Our cool tap water is safe, tastes good (at least we think so) and is free.

If everyone joining our tours brings with them a refillable water bottle (at least 1.5 liters capacity) and refills it during the day, over a year we’d save literally thousands of plastic bottles which may or may not reach recycling centers. Some of the remote and regional areas we visit on tour struggle with recycling, so a better approach is to reuse first, recycle second.

Your Under Down Under guides can help you to identify areas as we travel around Tasmania where you can refill your bottles (usually at our accommodations, and at the visitor centres of our National Parks).  We realise that in many countries, it’s not possible to drink water straight from a household tap. However, in Tasmania, cold water is deemed safe to drink from taps unless there is a sign advising you not to do so.

Can you drink water from a stream in a wilderness area?  Because of the risk ofGiardia duodenalis in wilderness areas, we don’t recommend drinking from a stream unless it is boiled first (and you won’t be doing this on tour). This is a very common, global water issue, and no critique of our wilderness areas as anywhere there is wildlife and people this issue exists.

In summary, please bring a 1.5 liter or greater capacity water bottle with you to Tassie, refill it regularly on tour, and know that you’re helping to reduce our environmental impact as we go.

Thanks for your support!

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