Connecting with Nature in Tasmania - Under Down Under Tours

Tasmania is around 1/5th World Heritage Area. We love connecting people to Tasmania’s diversity of wild places, from the rugged to pristine, temperate forest to button grass plains, sand dunes to lakes and rushing rivers, rocky coves, and towering mountains and plateaus. We do a good job of seeing them all on our multiday tours.

Being active in nature not only feels good, but it is also scientifically proven to be good for you. Our tours can enhance mental, physical, and social wellbeing, and it’s something we value about the impact our experiences can have on our guests.

Taking notice of the world around us is a pillar of mental wellbeing. On tour, we take time to notice things around us, particularly wildlife and flora. We listen to the sounds around us, and our guides enjoy talking about the history of a place, so you can look at it with different eyes, imagining what it might have been like for first nations people compared to how it is today.

Our tours are physically active, although how active is partly up to you. Each day we are visiting one or more National Parks and nature reserves, with opportunities to walk in nature. For example, on the West Coast, in the morning we walk amongst the Tarkine rainforests around Montezuma Falls, and in the afternoon leave footprints on the sands of Henty Dunes and Ocean Beach. One guest recently said she’d clocked over 10km each day. That’s on the more active side. If you’re less fit or mobile, that’s ok too. There are plenty of gentler and smaller options at most locations.  

Socially, our tours bring people together for shared experiences. It’s quite common for feedback to reflect how wonderful it was for guests to share their Tasmanian experience with others ranging in age from 20-70, for people of various nationalities and backgrounds. We understand that a great tour is more than ticking off destinations, but one filled with laughter and lasting memories.

When guests comment that they loved the walks, meeting new people, and learning about Tasmania, we know we’re doing our job well.

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