The Famous 5 vs the Tassie 5 Tours of Tasmania. What’s the difference?

We’re getting asked this question so much, we thought we’d try and sum up the differences.

Both are five-day tours around Tasmania.  In fact, they are a mirror image of each other.  The Famous 5 starts in Hobart and travels first to the West Coast then around the island and back to Hobart via the North and East Coast. The Tassie 5 starts in Hobart and travels first to the East Coast then loops back to Hobart via the North and West Coasts. There is no ‘better tour’ from our perspective.

The price is the same. The inclusions are the same. The accommodation choices for hostel and motel are the same.

The highlights are the same! It’s just the order in which you will visit our famous locations like Freycinet National Park, Cradle Mountain and the wilderness of the wild West Coast.

Historically, the Famous 5 is a long-standing 5-day tour of Tasmania that we have offered for many years. It has had some enhancements over the years but we stand behind the itinerary as being the best offering in Tasmania 5 days long where each of the 5 days is a full day in itself (not just an arrival or departure day).  It is a very popular tour, and we are careful to manage our impacts on destinations and ensure that guest experiences keep with our theme of small group experiences.  So, this spring we have added the Tassie 5 as a way of enabling us to provide the 5 day experience to other guests without adding congestion at our parks and key destinations.

The Tassie 5 operates over our high season (October to April) whereas the Famous 5 operates all year round.

If you have five days in Tasmania, the Tassie 5 and the Famous 5 will deliver the best experience available in Tasmania for a multiday tour.

For more information including prices, departures and detailed itineraries, visit the Famous 5 and Tassie 5 pages, or give us a call on 03 62 32 4800 if you have any questions.

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